How Much Does a Domain Cost in Kenya?

domain prices in Kenya
domain prices

A domain name costs between Ksh 900 and Ksh 2,000 depending on the domain registrar, popularity, and other factors. If you are looking for the cheapest price, it is recommended to shop around for the best domain registrar. Established domain registrars such as Godaddy or Namecheap could have wildly varying prices for a similar TLD (Top Level Domain) extension such as .com. Domain names with special TLDs such as .car, .protection, .auto, or .security cost hundreds of thousands per year. 

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How Much Does a New Domain Name Cost in 2023?

Whereas some web hosting and domain registration companies provide free domain names with the initial purchase of web hosting plans, customers are expected to renew the domains on expiry at the normal price. This is a loss leader pricing strategy where they lose revenue in the first year of domain registration. However, they upsell attractive offers to cut the losses when customers sign up for their web hosting services.

To buy a domain name, you need to register through domain name registrars. Domain registrars are companies that manage the purchase, reservation of domain names, and assignment of IP addresses to domain names. They are accredited by registries which are organizations that manage TLDs such as .net, .cloud, and .ke. Registries keep records of domain name registrants and are managed through IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority)  – a division of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ). ICANN is a non-profit organization that coordinates the technical processes and databases that supports the overall Internet functionality.

Top-level Domains (TLDs) and country-code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs) are the two popular types of domains. The common TLDs are .com, .net, .org, and .biz. ccTLDs are country-specific domain name extensions for instance,,, etc. The use of ccTLDs has gained traction because they give geographical legitimacy to businesses or organizations whose activities are limited within a specific country or city.

However, some ccTLDs have become popular and adopted by startups and established businesses outside their assigned countries. These include; .io, .it, .ai, .co, .me, etc

Domain Prices in Kenya

TLDYears RegisteredRegisterTransferRenew
.co.ke1KES 799FREEKES 1000
.com1KES 1699KES 1699KES 1699
.ke1KES 2999FREEKES 3999
.africa1KES 1999KES 1999KES 1999
.net1KES 1699KES 1699KES 1699
.org1KES 1299KES 1399KES 1399
.or.ke1KES 999FREEKES 1599
.ac.ke1KES 999FREEKES 1599
.ne.ke1KES 999FREEKES 1599
.sc.ke1KES 999FREEKES 1599
.go.ke1KES 999FREEKES 1599
.mobi.ke1KES 999FREEKES 1599
.info.ke1KES 999FREEKES 1599
.me.ke1KES 999FREEKES 1599
.co.ug1KES 3999KES 3999KES 1599
.com.ug1KES 3999KES 3999KES 3999
.ac.ug1KES 3999KES 3999KES 3999
.or.ug1KES 3999KES 3999KES 3999
.go.ug1KES 3999KES 3999KES 3999
.sc.ug1KES 3999KES 3999KES 3999
.ug1KES 3999KES 3999KES 3999
.org.ug1KES 3999KES 3999KES 3999
.co.tz1KES 1999KES 1999KES 1999
.so1KES 3200KES 3200KES 3200
.ca1KES 1799KES 1799KES 1799
.in1KES 1599KES 1599KES 1599
.us1KES 999KES 999KES 999
.pro1KES 1899KES 1899KES 1899
.tv1KES 4199KES 4199KES 4199
.info1KES 2199KES 2199KES 2199
.mobi1KES 2199KES 2199KES 2199
.me1KES 3200KES 3200KES 3200
.co1KES 3299KES 3299KES 3299
.xyz1KES 1300KES 1300KES 1300
.capetown1KES 1599KES 1599KES 1599
.durban1KES 1599KES 1599KES 1599
.joburg1KES 1599KES 1599KES 1599
.co.za1KES 999FREEKES 1599
.org.za1KES 999FREEKES 1599
.web.za1KES 999FREEKES 1599
.net.za1KES 999FREEKES 1599
.co.tz1KES 1599FREEKES 1599
.go.tz1KES 1599FREEKES 1599
.sc.tz1KES 1599FREEKES 1599
.ac.tz1KES 1599FREEKES 1599
.or.tz1KES 1599FREEKES 1599
.store1KES 6499KES 6499KES 6499
.cc1KES 1599KES 1599KES 1599
.us1KES 999KES 999KES 999
.info.sd1KES 3999KES 3999KES 3999
.sd1KES 8999KES 8999KES 8999
.net.sd1KES 3999KES 3999KES 3999
.com.sd1KES 3999KES 3999KES 3999
.de1KES 999KES 1599KES 1599
.uk1KES 999FREEKES 1599
.me.uk1KES 1499FREEKES 1599
.org.uk1KES 1499FREEKES 1599
.co.uk1KES 1499FREEKES 1599
.in1KES 1499KES 1499KES 1599
.co.in1KES 1499KES 1499KES 1599
.rw1KES 1599FREEKES 1599
.net.rw1KES 999FREEKES 1599
.org.rw1KES 999FREEKES 1599
.so1KES 9999KES 9999KES 9999
.it1KES 2999KES 2999KES 2999
.net.so1KES 10000KES 10000KES 10000
.org.so1KES 10000KES 10000KES 10000
.com.so1KES 10000KES 10000KES 10000
.et1KES 15000KES 15000KES 15000
.org.et1KES 15000KES 15000KES 15000
.net.et1KES 15000KES 15000KES 15000
.com.et1KES 15000KES 15000KES 15000
.ng1KES 3499KES 3499KES 3499
.edu.ng1KES 1000KES 1000KES 1000
.com.ng1KES 1000KES 1000KES 1000
.org.ng1KES 1000KES 1000KES 1000
.net.ng1KES 1000KES 1000KES 1000
.sch.ng1KES 1000KES 1000KES 1000
.ca1KES 1700KES 1700KES 1700
.limited1KES 3200KES 3200KES 3200
.properties1KES 3200KES 3200KES 3200
.education1KES 2200KES 2200KES 2200
.events1KES 3200KES 3200KES 3200
.foundation1KES 3200KES 3200KES 3200
.institute1KES 2200KES 2200KES 2200
.host1KES 11000KES 11000KES 11000
.academy1KES 3300KES 3300KES 3300
.club1KES 1399KES 1399KES 1399
.tips1KES 2300KES 2300KES 2300
.website1KES 2300KES 2300KES 2300
.media1KES 3300KES 3300KES 3300
.university1KES 5200KES 5200KES 5200
.restaurant1KES 5200KES 5200KES 5200
.company1KES 1000KES 1000KES 1000
.church1KES 3300KES 3300KES 3300
.photography1KES 2300KES 2300KES 2300
.solutions1KES 2300KES 2300KES 2300
.directory1KES 2300KES 2300KES 2300
.services1KES 3300KES 3300KES 3300
.consulting1KES 3300KES 3300KES 3300
.engineering1KES 5200KES 5200KES 5200
.ac1KES 9600KES 9600KES 9600
.industries1KES 3200KES 3200KES 3200
.enterprises1KES 3200KES 3200KES 3200
.nl1KES 1200KES 1200KES 1200
.xyz1KEs 1300KEs 1300KEs 1300
.email1KES 2300KES 2300KES 2300
.business1KES 1000KES 1000KES 1000
.clinic1KES 5200KES 5200KES 5200
.farm1KES 3200KES 3200KES 3200
.guru1KES 3300KES 3300KES 3300
.space1KES 2600KES 2600KES 2600
.ngo1KES 4700KES 4700KES 4700
.bi1KES 5500KES 5500KES 5500
.com.bi1KES 4500KES 4500KES 4500
.gov.bi1KES 4500KES 4500KES 4500
.edu.bi1KES 4500KES 4500KES 4500
.co.bi1KES 4500KES 4500KES 4500
.org.bi1KES 4500KES 4500KES 4500
.ie1KES 5000KES 5000KES 5000
.life1KES 3300KES 3300KES 3300
.online1KES 4100KES 4100KES 4100
.top1KES 1100KES 1100KES 1100
.win1KES 3200KES 3200KES 3200
.vip1KES 1700KES 1700KES 1700
.bid1KES 3200KES 3200KES 3200
.click1KES 1200KES 1200KES 1200
.racing1KES 3200KES 3200KES 3200
.review1KES 3200KES 3200KES 3200
.party1KES 3200KES 3200KES 3200
.fr1KES 4000KES 4000KES 4000
.tech1KES 5200KES 5200KES 5200
.co.zm1KES 9000KES 9000KES 9000
.wang1KES 1200KES 1200KES 1200
.site1KES 3000KES 3000KES 3000
.link1KES 1200KES 1200KES 1200
.loan1KES 3200KES 3200KES 3200
.date1KES 3200KES 3200KES 3200
.trade1KES 3200KES 3200KES 3200
.lol1KES 3200KES 3200KES 3200
.download1KES 3200KES 3200KES 3200

Factors That Affect Domain Prices?

TLD of the Domain Name

The top-level domain (TLD) is the part of the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) that comes after your domain name. For instance, a URL such as is made up of the domain name (here it’s “example”) and a TLD (” .com”). The price of a domain depends on the type of TLD. The most popular domain extensions such as .com, .net, and .org  cost between Ksh 1000 to Ksh 1800. Less common TLDs such as .xyz, etc are sometimes sold at the cheapest price compared to traditional domain extensions such as .com. As of the fourth quarter of 2022, the total number of domain name registrations across all top-level domains was 350.4 million.

The table below shows the top 10 popular domain extensions as of September 30th, 2022 (Source: Verisign, Q4 2022)

TLDNumber of Domain Registrations
1.com160.9 Million
2..cn18 Million
3.de17.3 Million
4.net13.2 Million
5.uk11.1 Million
6.org10.6 Million
7.nl6.3 Million
8.ru5.7 Million
9.br5.0 Million
10.xyz4.2 Million

The ranking in the table above excludes domain names in the .ga, .gq .tk, .cf, and .ml ccTLDs operated by Freenom.

TLDs also give visitors a clue about the website’s purpose. For example, .org is used mostly by non-governmental organizations, and .edu is used for US educational institutions. Country code Top-level domains such as implies that the website targets or offers information relevant to Kenyan website visitors. Likewise, the domain extension signifies that the website is relevant to the Ugandan audience.

Internet users trust information or websites using .com, .net, and .org compared to less known TLDs for instance .cf.

So it’s important to choose the right TLD for your domain name as this has a big impact on the success of your online presence.

Choice of your Registrar

The price of domain registration depends also on the choice of the registrar. Some companies are stand-alone domain registrars while others upsell value-added services such as web hosting plans and SSL certificates which are more often than not bundled together as a package.

It is essential to select a domain registrar that meets your budget and needs. Some domain registrars are expensive while others offer wildly low introductory prices. You may also try to confirm if the domain registrar is accredited by the relevant registry and/or ICANN.

When looking to buy domain names at a lower price, it is important to distinguish between domain registry, domain registrar, and domain reseller.

Domain Registry – This organization is managed by ICANN and owns the TLD extension. For instance, Verisign owns the .com extension, and every time a domain is registered or renewed, a fee is paid to Verisign.

Domain Registrar –  It leases domains from the specific registry and sells them to individuals, companies, or government agencies.

Domain Resellers –  They buy and sell the domains from domain registrars and upsell other related services such as web hosting, SSL certificates, digital marketing, etc

domain registration flow

Domain Privacy

Domain privacy is important as it protects your personal information, protects your email from being bombarded by phishing and spam messages and also from cybercriminals who can use your personal information for malicious purposes. 

When you purchase a domain name, your personal information such as name, email, telephone number, and address is stored in the WHOIS database. Anyone on  the internet can query the WHOIS tool and access the domain registration details.

Domain privacy protection redacts this personal information from prying eyes and helps to prevent identity theft.  Each domain registrar has its ways of handling domain protection. At Nescom, you will be able to get domain protection for free when registering your domain or after the registration process. Some registrars however charge from Ksh 1000 to Ksh 5000 for domain privacy which can impact your budget for domain registration. To keep the domain registration cost low, ensure the domain privacy is free or at a reasonable market price.

However, some top-level domains such as .asia do not allow domain privacy to be enabled. 

Length of your Domain Registration

The domain registration period also impacts the overall price of the domain name. Most domain registrars allow registrants to select up to 10 years period of ownership. A longer period of registration attracts huge discounts which makes the domain cost lower in the long term.

It is also believed in SEO circles that a longer period of domain name registration impacts greatly the domain’s trustworthiness in the search engines. Trusted domains rank better than websites that are believed to be created for bad content.

Redemption Fees

Whenever a domain name expires, it enters into a grace period called the redemption period. This is typically 30 days after the domain has expired. Domain registrars allow registrants to pay a redemption fee and renewal fee in order to activate it. 

If the redemption fee is not paid after the 30-day grace period, the domain enters a pending delete status and during this time the domain cannot be redeemed. The domain owner will have to wait for the domain to be deleted to re-register it. However, when the domain is made available again, it is purchased by anyone on a first-come first-served basis unless it is a copyrighted domain name. 

The redemption fee depends on the TLD and can range from Ksh 0 to hundreds of thousands.

Domain Transfers

The process of changing domain registrars is known as a domain transfer. People transfer domains from one domain registrar to another because of better customer support, better add-on services such as DNS management, etc. When you transfer a domain, a certain fee usually a few dollars is charged by the new domain registrar.

Some domain extensions do not support domain transfers so it’s important to check the registrar’s policies. In such a case, you can simply point the nameservers’ records to your preferred web hosting company.

Domain Renewals

Domain renewals come at a fee which of course depends on the registrar or TLD of the domain name. Renewal prices of domains at times differ from the introductory price. It is important to check these details before you fall for the gimmick of web hosting companies that offer “free domain registration” upon purchase of hosting packages. 

Nescom offers Ksh 1200 for .com registration and the price is unchanged during domain renewal.

How Much Does Premium Domain Names Cost

Premium domain names are pre-registered domain names that are brandable and memorable. They are costly to buy and can go up to millions of Kenyan Shillings. Domainers buy these high-quality aftermarket domain names and sell them at a higher margin.

The premium domain names are mostly short in length, have brand value, and are unique. The highly sought-after premium domains have popular TLDs such as .com, .net,, etc.

The premium domain names are listed for sale on domain marketplaces such as, Sedo, and Flippa. It is recommended to use experience brokers who will negotiate the price and it is possible to buy premium domain names at even 50% of the listed price.

The benefits of purchasing premium domain names are that they are easy to memorize, have better brand credibility, give better search rankings, and are a premium investment as they can be resold at a higher price.

The most expensive premium domain names that have ever been sold are for  $345 million, for $35 million, for $30.1 million, for $30 million, and for 18 million.

How Much Does Expired Domain Names Cost

When a domain owner chooses not to renew a domain, it expires. Expired domains go through two phases before they are available for purchase at normal retail prices. Firstly there’s a grace period called redemption which lasts for about 30 days then the domain goes to pending delete status before it’s made available for purchase.

However, you don’t have to wait for the normal expiry process to unfold before you register your desired domain name. There are expired domain marketplaces such as Dynadot, Snapnames, and Expired Domains which allows people to backorder domain names that are Pending Delete. They have automated bots that register the domains immediately after they are dropped and are available to register. When several people backorder specific domain names they are either placed on private/ public auctions or the first person to backorder is given the domain. These backorder services charge about $10 to $99 per domain.


So the answer to “how much does a domain cost” depends on your needs and budget. Generally speaking, the standard cost of a new domain name ranges from Ksh 900 to Ksh 2000 per yearwhich will change depending on introductory and renewal prices.

The seven (7) key factors which determine the cost of a domain name as discussed above include:

  • Domain registration duration 
  • Choice of the domain registrar 
  • Type of domain extension (TLD)
  • Domain Privacy
  • Renewal fees
  • Redemption fees
  • Domain transfer fees

Now that you understand the factors that affect the cost of a domain name, you can go ahead and budget for the right domain. The most important thing is to check the availability of the domain to know if it’s free to register, already registered, expired or it’s a premium domain. If the given price fits your budget then go ahead and buy the domain for your website.



Domain Prices – FAQ

Domain costs depend on the TLD extensions. Other factors which make domain names to have varying costs are choice of registrar, popularity of the domain, and if the domain is categorized as premium.

Yes, you can! Some web hosting companies such as Nescom offers free domain name ( or .com) in the first year of purchase which is usually bundled with other web services such as hosting and SSL certificates. These are offers that also require potential customers to check the hidden fees and the applicable renewal fees. The only free top-level domains are those which don't have any renewal costs. This includes .tk, .ga, .cf, .ml, and .gq. .tk is the most popular free TLD domain. Some website builder services such as Weebly and WordPress offer free subdomains which can be used to build simple websites.

With Nescom, you can register domain names for as low as Ksh 849. Some web hosting plans let you grab a domain name for free.

Domain cost depends on choice of registrar, duration of registration, renewal fees, transfer fees, domain privacy cost, type of TLD extension, type of domain name (regular vs premium)

At Nescom, the prices for common top-level domains range from Ksh 900 to Ksh 2000 per year.

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