Cheap VPS Hosting in Kenya

Nescom is a reliable managed cloud service company in Kenya that offers cheap VPS server hosting. The VPS is provisioned on physical servers colocated in high-end data centers in Kenya, Europe, and the US. Virtual Private Servers are most recommended for businesses that have outgrown the limitations of shared hosting. Ideally, VPS is most suitable for hosting applications, high-traffic websites, online games, hosting emails, databases, etc.

Choose Your VPS Hosting Plan


Price: Ksh 3500 Monthly

  • CPU: 4 vCore
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Disk Drive: 200GB SSD
  • KVM virtualization
  • 200 Mbit/s Port
  • 1 IPv4 Address
  • Full Root - Access

Price: Ksh 5000 Monthly

  • CPU: 6 vCore
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Disk Drive: 400GB SSD
  • KVM virtualization
  • 400 Mbit/s Port
  • 1 IPv4 Address
  • Full Root - Access

Price: Ksh 7000 Monthly

  • CPU: 8 vCore
  • RAM: 30 GB
  • Disk Drive: 800GB SSD
  • KVM virtualization
  • 600 Mbit/s Port
  • 1 IPv4 Address
  • Full Root - Access

Price: Ksh 8000 Monthly

  • CPU: 10 vCore
  • RAM: 60 GB
  • Disk Drive: 1600GB SSD
  • KVM virtualization
  • 1000 Mbit/s Port
  • 1 IPv4 Address
  • Full Root - Access

Benefits of VPS in Kenya



It is easy to upgrade or downgrade the VPS plans as the needs of your business grows with limited downtime.



It is easy to customize your VPS plan depending on your requirements including the kind of Operating System you want eg AlmaLinux, CentOS 7, Ubuntu, Windows, Debian, OpenSUSE etc


Value for Money

VPS hosting is less expensive than dedicated sever hosting but not cheaper than shared hosting plans. However, you only pay for the server resources that fits your business needs. Therefore, VPS provides value for money in the long run.



VPS servers are isolated from each other in the parent server using a virtual machine monitor (VMM) and therefore offers better security for your workload as compared to shared hosting environment.



Register or renew your domain name for upto 10 years before expiry. This ensures you don't lose your valued domain name when they expire.


Reliable performance

Since you don’t share your allocated bandwidth and processor power, the VPS performance is better than shared hosting.

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Data protection

Server data backup are made easier with VPS hosting. Nescom offers regular server backups to ensure no data losses.

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You can deploy both Windows and Linux VPS instances on the single cloud server.

What is VPS Hosting?

Virtual Private Server, or VPS, is a type of hosting that allows multiple virtual servers to run concurrently within a single physical server through a virtualization technology. Each virtual server is provisioned with dedicated bandwidth, memory, CPU, disk storage space and is isolated from the other VPS instances.

Top companies or software development agencies have switched to VPS hosting because it offers better security, versatility, reliability and performance compared to shared hosting.


How VPS Hosting Works?

In virtual private server (VPS) hosting, several virtual servers are created and separated on a single shared server. Through a hypervisor software or a virtual machine monitor (VMM), a virtual layer is created on top of the operating system to separate the virtual servers. 
The process segmentation of virtual servers by implementing virtual walls enables separate installation of operating systems and software in each server. This creates private and secure virtual servers separated at OS level.

What Is a VPS Used For?

When you have a relatively smaller workload that needs reliable and best hosting performance, a VPS is ideal in that situation. Below are key uses for a VPS.
  • Hosting emails
  • Hosting few websites (less than 10)
  • Cpanel or Plesk hosting
  • Databases
  • Creating virtual workstations for employees
  • Deploying cloud-based services 
  • Hosting web servers
  • Storing company files that are accessible online.

Is VPS Hosting Secure?

VPS hosting is safe and secure. Each virtual machine is isolated from the other VM environments through a virtualization technology. Unlike the shared hosting where websites/hosting accounts are sharing the same resources and can be affected by the vulnerability of any immediate hosted environment.

Is VPS Hosting Fast?

VPS are known to be reliable and fast since each virtual machine is allocated its own bandwidth, CPU, RAM. They achieve almost the same server performance as dedicated hosting. Nescom is widely known for delivering the fastest Apache, MySQL, Linux, and PHP stack performance. 

If you are looking for the fastest and best VPS server hosting to purchase online, Nescom is the right cloud service partner! Get started today.

Buy Cheap VPS in Kenya

VPS are thought to be expensive for most customers. Since the benefits and performance of a virtual private server is better compared to shared hosting, the price is a bit higher but cheaper than dedicated server hosting. However, Nescom has always tried to balance between quality of the VPS and the price, and therefore our VPS prices in Kenya are comparatively affordable

If you are searching for the cheapest VPS hosting with 99.99% uptime, you are at the right place. Buy VPS server hosting today from a hosting company with expertise and experience in the cloud computing industry.

Why You Should Choose Nescom VPS hosting

SSD Storage :  Your workload will run efficiently on our high-performance SSD storage

Instant Provisioning: The virtual private servers are set up immediately after your payment is processed. 

Cpanel Web Host Manager: It is easy to manage your server from a popular control panel.

Fully Managed or Semi-Managed: We will handle the VPS server management like installing security patches or software updates. 

LiteSpeed Ready: You will experience 9 times faster speeds than Apache server and Nginx. 

MariaDB Ready:  MariaDB is a high-performance relational database that is faster than MySQL. 

WordPress Ready: With one-click wordpress installation, you can set up your website within minutes.

Customer Support:  Our technical support is available 24/7/365 to assist you with any query regarding the VPS hosting. We can be contacted through telephone, live chat, email, support ticket or social media.

We also give support to our existing and prospective customers through our active social media accounts on linkedin and twitter.

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