10 Best Web Hosting Companies in Kenya (2023)

best web hosting companies in Kenya

To build a successful online presence for your business, you need to choose one of the best web hosting companies in Kenya with the fastest speeds, reliable server performance, and responsive customer support. A website which loads fast will attract and retain visitors compared to a slower one.

Web hosting companies in Kenya allocates space on their web servers to customers to enable them create, store and make websites accessible on the internet. A web hosting provider typically has servers that host the websites, a database system, and a domain name system (DNS) to point domain names to the hosting servers. These companies use hosting management systems such as WHMCS and WISECP to seamlessly run the complex operations.

Best web hosting companies in Kenya are also domain registrars or resellers which enables them to sell domain names to customers as they sign up for web hosting plans. Additionally, SSL certificates and premium email services are also offered by most hosting providers.

In this guide, we will comprehensively reveal the top web hosting providers in Kenya that are recommended for customers whether they are beginners or seasoned experts.

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List of Best Web Hosting Companies in Kenya

We have listed below the top web hosting companies in Kenya that offer the fastest and premium hosting services to individuals, bloggers, and businesses at affordable prices.

Our methodology entailed researching over 100 top web hosting companies in Kenya and compared various features to narrow down on the best 10 providers. We looked at various data points such as pricing, storage, bandwidth, user reviews, SSL certificates, customer service, etc.

Nescom Web Hosting

nescom web hostingNescom provides premium web hosting, domain registration, email hosting and SSL certificates to thousands of customers in Kenya and globally. Founded in 2019, Nescom has consistently offered reliable web hosting services to beginners and experts with the fastest loading speeds at an affordable price. More than 50% of Nescom’s current customers have migrated from other web hosting providers. They have flexible web hosting plans that meets varying needs of customers who host websites such as personal blogs, school websites, enterprise websites and ecommerce sites.

The cheap web hosting company in Kenya offers a variety of services such as shared web hosting, VPS, dedicated server hosting, domain registration, SSL certificates, cloud storage, and backup.

The web hosting plans offered by Nescom are affordable compared to the market prices. They are transparent in their pricing policy and have no hidden fees in their annual subscription or during renewal.

The shared hosting plans include the Starter, Premium and Business Plan. The starter hosting plan costs Ksh 2000 per year and has attractive features such as 10 GB disk space and 100 GB bandwidth which is sufficient to run a simple website. The Premium web hosting plan costs Ksh 4000 per year with features such as 30 GB allocated disk space and 300 GB bandwidth. Lastly, the Business web hosting plan costs Ksh 8000 per year with features such as 50GN disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

Nescom also offers free domain privacy , free website migration, easy to use Cpanel, and weekly backup.

The best web hosting and cloud services provider in Kenya has several other competitive advantages compared to the competition which include 99.99% uptime guarantee, fastest web servers and 24/7 customer support. Customers can get quick responses to any query through live chat, email, telephone calls, SMS, Whatsapp and also through the ticketing system

The Nairobi based web hosting company offers convenient payment methods such as MPESA, Bank deposits, cheques, and credit cards. Their order process is automated and takes just a few minutes to sign up for shared web hosting plans and domain registration.

Truehost Cloud

truehost cloud

Truehost is a web hosting and cloud services company in Kenya. It offers shared web hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, cloud servers, cloud storage, email hosting, domain registration, website builder, and SSL certificates.

Founded in 2016, Truehost Cloud has grown fast and has a presence in Nigeria, South Africa, and the US. They are reputable for the fastest loading speeds and reliable customer support through the ticket system, phone calls, and live chat.

The cheapest web hosting package at Truehost Cloud is priced at Ksh 120 per month. Dedicated servers range from Ksh 7500 per month to over Ksh 18000 per month depending on server specifications.

Kenya Website Experts

Kenya Web Experts

Kenya Web Experts has been operating for over 10 years. According to its website, it hosts over 50000 domain names and has been accredited in Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria & South Africa.

As one of the cheapest web hosting sites in Kenya, KenyaWeb Experts offers reliable hosting services to clients locally and around the globe. Some of its products include shared web hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, domain registration, Google Workspace emails, and SSL certificates.

.co.ke domain names costs Ksh 849 per year while .com and .org domains are priced at Ksh 1,160 per year and Ksh 1260 per year respectively. Web hosting packages range from Ksh 3100 per year for 30 GB of disk space to Ksh 25100 per year for 70 GB. SSL certificates cost about Ksh 1999 per year. Most web solutions on Kenya Web Experts can be purchased through automated WHMCS software. The payment methods accepted by this web hosting company in Kenya include MPESA, cheques, and bank deposits. Customers in other countries can also pay using Paypal and credit cards.

Sasahost Limited

sasahost web hosting

Sasahost is an ICT company that was started in 2009. With over 10 years of experience in the web hosting industry in Kenya, Sasahost has served over 12000 customers worldwide. The hosting provider is accredited by Kenic and also licensed by the Communications Authority of Kenya.

Just like other top web hosting companies in Kenya, Sasahost provides shared web hosting, domain registration, VPS, dedicated servers, and reseller hosting services. They also offer SSL certificates and Immunify360 Security solutions.

The Cpanel Basic web hosting packages range from Ksh 3000 per year to Ksh 11000 per year. On the other hand, their costly web hosting product is dedicated servers which range from Ksh 22000 per month to Ksh 47000 per month.

Webhost Kenya

Webhost Kenya is a Nairobi-based web hosting company that offers a wide range of products. According to its website, Webhost Kenya services include web design, logo design, web hosting, domain registration, website security, and SSL certificate. The web hosting plans range from Ksh 2415 per year for 30 GB of disk space to Ksh 6250 per year for 100 GB of disk space.

Safaricom Web Hosting

Safaricom is a telecommunication company based in Kenya with the largest market share in subscriber base and revenue. They offer mobile communication services such as calls, SMS, and internet connectivity. The Nairobi-based telco company also offers web hosting and cloud services. 

Their web hosting packages range from Ksh 1500 per year for the Bronze package to Ksh 7100 per year for the Enterprise package.

They have also partnered with Amazon Web Services to offer advanced cloud services to corporate clients. 


DeepAfrica is one of the pioneer web hosting service providers in Kenya. It offers email hosting, shared web hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS, Cloud, windows, application, dedicated servers, web design, and SSL certificates.

The shared web hosting plans range from Ksh 3364 per year for the Kwanza package to Ksh 11484 per year for the Pili package. 

Customer service is offered through phone calls, live chat, and support tickets.

WebCom Kenya

Webcom Kenya is among the best web hosting companies that offer cheap and reliable hosting services locally and internationally.

The Nairobi-based hosting provider offers shared web hosting services, domain registration, bulk SMS, web design, email hosting, and SSL certificates.

The shared web hosting plans range from Ksh 1790 per year for 30 GB of disk space to Ksh 700 per year for 100 GB of disk space.

EAC Directory

EAC Directory is an established web hosting company based at Vision Plaza, on Mombasa Road in Nairobi, Kenya. It offers reliable shared web hosting services, corporate hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting, website security, website backup, Zoho Mail, Google Workspace, domain registration, etc.


Hostpinnacle is one of the fastest-growing web hosting companies in Kenya. They boast state-of-the-art NVMe-SSD powered servers which are 900% faster than traditional SATA drives and 200% faster than SSD drives. Nevertheless, their web hosting packages range from Ksh 1999 per year for 35 GB NVMe SSD disk space to Ksh 10999 per year for Unlimited NVMe SSD disk space. 

The affordable web hosting company based at Thomson Estate in Nairobi city also offers bulk SMS, VPS, dedicated servers, and reseller hosting.

Types of Web Hosting Services Offered in Kenya

Web hosting services come in various types depending on the needs of individual customers. Not all websites or web applications are the same and therefore the need for various forms of web hosting developed. The 5 popular types of web hosting in Kenya are given below:

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Reseller web hosting
  • WordPress Hosting

Which Web Hosting Plan is the Best?

Web hosting plans in Kenya are not standardized. Each web hosting company has packaged its web hosting services depending on the allocated disk space, bandwidth, subdomains, databases, technical support, website security, SEO tools, etc. 

Shared web hosting plans are considered beginner plans for low-traffic websites such as personal blogs or small business websites. However, if you need high-performance web hosting solutions for high-traffic websites and web applications VPS and dedicated servers are recommended. VPS and dedicated hosting can be scaled as your resource requirements grow. 

How Much Do Web Hosting Providers in Kenya Charge for their Services?

The price of shared web hosting in Kenya ranges from Ksh 1000 to Ksh 20000 depending on the disk space, bandwidth, and other hosting features. Shared hosting is ideal for websites with low traffic. However, large websites such as ecommerce portals require VPS or dedicated server hosting to handle high traffic.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Reliable Web Hosting Company?

Before you choose the services of any top web hosting company in Kenya, you need to consider several critical factors such as:

  • Customer Support
  • Server Uptime (Reliability)
  • Speed
  • Compatibility
  • Disk space allocation
  • Bandwidth
  • Website backup and disk space
  • Pricing
  • Ease of use and control panel
  • Physical memory usage space
  • Virtual memory usage space, etc

First-time buyers of web hosting services are easily swayed by the prices on offer by various hosting sites. Hosting companies that offer extremely cheap prices sometimes have hidden fees or they often oversell their disk space.

Since there is all manner of web hosting companies, choosing a local web host with servers in Kenya has more advantages than hosting your website in global hosting giants like AWS or Digital Ocean. Hosting your website on servers in Kenya means faster loading speeds of your website pages and this also boosts ranking in search engines. Kenyan hosting companies provide better customer support in local languages such as Kiswahili, reliable service that has 99.99% uptime, and tools for businesses to succeed online than global hosting providers

If you need a reliable web hosting company in Kenya, Nescom is your best choice.

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