How to Backup Your Website in cPanel

The suite of Backup tools in cPanel helps you to create backups of your website, emails and MySQL databases in archive files such as .zip,.rar, .tar, etc. Using these cPanel Backup features, you can create full or partial backup of your entire website, download it to your personal computer or external hard drive and later on restore it to your cPanel account. 

Backing up your files is an important process that ensures you have a copy of your website incase something happens to your host or your website is distorted by software updates. You can also use the archived copy of your files to transfer your website to a new server or hosting company.

Follow the steps below to backup your website in cPanel

  1. Log into your cPanel hosting account.
  2. Locate the Files section in the cPanel dashboard, then click on the Backup icon as shown below:cpanel's backup menu
  3. Under Full Backup section on the Backup page, locate and click on the Download a Full Account Backup a full account backup - cpanel
  4. Under the Generate a Full Backup section, you will be required to enter the backup destination and email address.

Backup Destination: You will need to select a folder in which the generated backup will be stored on the cPanel account. Home Directory is the default folder that is pre-selected. However, you can choose other options through the drop-down menu. The options currently provided are Remote FTP Server, Remote FTP Server (passive mode transfer), and Secure Copy (SCP).

Email Address: In this field, you are supposed to enter your email address which will be used to send the completion notification when the backup is generated successfully. You can also choose not to receive the notification in your email by selecting “Do not send email notification of backup completion” option.

Click on the Generate Backup button at the botom of the page to begin creating the backup file as shown below:generate backup in cPanel

5. Once the backup generation is completed, you will receive a notification in your email address you provided in step 4 above.

6. You can now download the backup by navigating to Files section of the cPanel interface. Locate and click on the Backup icon. Then under the Full Backup section, click on the Download a Full Account Backup button. The archived files will be listed under the Backups Available for Download section as shown below:backups available for download

Wrapping Up

It is perform regular backup of your website files, emails, MySQL databases, etc and download the archive file to your local computer. In the event that your website breaks due to software updates, you can restore your website instantly with minimum downtime. 

In case you need assistance to generate your website partial or full backup, you can always contact the Nescom Hosting customer service team anytime of the day through email, telephone or live chat.

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