How to Create a Hosting Package in WHM

In this article, we will demonstrate how to create a hosting package in Web Host Manager (WHM). It is important for hosting companies to come up with unique packages with different resource options and corresponding quotas or limits. This helps to price the different packages and also makes it easy for customers to purchase web hosting plans that are within their budget and needs.

  1. Login to the WHM interface
  2. The WHM interface will load and then select Add a Package icon from the displayed menu. You can also search Packages in the search box at the upper left side of the WHM dashboard. For illustration purposes, see the image below.create a hosting package in WHM
  3. Enter the desired package name in the Package Name text box.
  4.   In the Resources section, you will have to enter the limits of each item. The resource options include: Disk Quota, Monthly Bandwidth, Maximum FTP Accounts, Maximum Email Accounts, Maximum Databases, Maximum Sub Domains, Maximum Parked Domains, Maximum Quota per Email Address, Maximum Email Lists, Maximum Addon Domains, etc.Add a package in WHM - package name
  5. In the settings section, add the extra features that the package users will have access to. These settings includes: dedicated Ip address, Shell Access, CGI Access, Cpanel theme, feature list and locale (language assigned to the cPanel accounts). Find the image below to illustrate this step. Add a hosting package in WHM - Settings
  6. Click on the Add button at the bottom side of the page to complete the creation of the hosting package.

That’s how you create a new hosting package for your users. You can now create other packages with different resource quotas and settings. 

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