How to Change WHM Password

This article elaborates on ways on how to change or reset the root password of your Dedicated server or VPS through WHM. Customers with reseller hosting accounts can contact us on updating their WHM root password. Use the guide below to change your WHM password incase you have lost or forgotten it.

  1. Login in to the WHM as a root user.
  2. Locate the Server Configuration section on the menu and click Change Root Password as shown below.change WHM root password
  3. You can now enter the new root password in the fields provided. Ensure you confirm the password in the second field. You may also use the password generator tool to come up with a new password.
  4. Click on Change Password button to save the new password.

It is recommended to change the WHM password regularly for security reasons. What’s more, your password should be strong and at least have a symbol, 1 number, 1 small case and 1 upper case characters.

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